• Love One Another

    How to Love One Another

    In the Old Testament of the Bible, we are given 10 Commandments that God wishes us to abide by. It is a Covenant with God and creates a standard of moral behavior. This moral compass, given by God, is still important to us as Christians today. There is also a new commandment that was given in the New Testament that…

  • We All Make Mistakes

    God’s Love: We All Make Mistakes

    Mistakes…there is not one person that has not made one. We are all guilty of not thinking things through or acting impulsively. Sometimes those actions can lead to some serious consequences and some major guilt. We all make mistakes and God knows that we are not perfect. God’s Word, the Bible, tells us that He still loves us in spite…

  • What Kind of Love has God Given Us? Clearly, God has given us undying, unhindered love! #Love #ValentinesDay #GodsLove #ChildrenOfGod

    What Kind of Love has God Given Us?

    What kind of love has God given to us? God has given us many signs of His amazing love for us but it is still hard to comprehend. His love is so grand and so vast that we just can’t wrap our simple minds around the greatness that is God’s Love. What Kind of Love has God Given? The Bible…

  • The third candle of the advent wreath is the candle of love. This candle represents the love that God has for us. - #Advent #Christmas

    Advent: The Candle of Love

    he word Advent means “to come toward, to draw near or to approach.” and today marks the third Sunday in the Advent. Today the candle of Love will be lit on the advent wreath. A new candle will be lit each Sunday. Some people put a final candle in the center to represent Christ that is lit on Christmas Day.

  • Be Kind to One Another and be tenderhearted Ephesians 4:32 - #BibleVerse #Esphesians

    Be Kind to One Another

    One of the things that the world seems to have lost is the ability to be kind to one another. Gone are the days that if you had nothing nice to say then you kept your mouth shut. Everyone seems to think it is acceptable to spew nastiness from their mouths just because they feel offended. These actions go completely…