• In this final part of the Book of Ruth Devotion Series, we discover the importance of doing things the right way. When you do things right, God can use you to your fullest measure. #BookOfRuth #DevotionSeries #RuthAndBoaz

    Do Things the Right Way

    As this final chapter in the Book of Ruth begins, we find Boaz sitting at the city gate. The kinsman redeemer that Boaz had mentioned to Ruth in Chapter 3 came by and Boaz invited him to sit. Boaz then got 10 of the elders to join them. This is an important detail because this could have been handled privately.…

  • Chapter 3 of the Book of Ruth tells us about a redeemer. Much of this part of the story is symbolic of Jesus as our redeemer. #BookOfRuth #Devotion #bgbg2 #Redeemer

    There is a Redeemer

    In last week’s post in the Book of Ruth Devotion Series, we talked about Chapter 2 and how hard work is rewarded. As we move on to Chapter 3, we find that Naomi is getting Ruth ready to propose to Boaz. This is a risky thing because it could go wrong and destroy the provision that Boaz had given Ruth…

  • In the Ruth Chapter 2 we learn that Ruth's hard work is rewarded. She has met and has found favor with Boaz and is allowed to glean more than she would normally be allowed. #Ruth #BibleStudy #Devotional #bgbg2

    Hard Work is Rewarded

    In last week’s post in the Book of Ruth series we learned some lessons from Naomi about grief. We also say Ruth hold true to her commitment to her mother-in-law and go to Bethlehem with her. This week we will learn that hard work is rewarded.

  • In the first chapter of the Book of Ruth we learn about Naomi's grief. How do you grieve for someone you love? Naomi teaches us about grief. #Grief #Greiving #BibleVerse #Devotions #BibleStudy

    What Naomi Teaches Us about Grief

    Over the next four weeks, we will be taking a look at some life lessons to be learned from the Book of Ruth. There are lessons in this book that we can apply to our lives that will bring us closer to God. The first lessons we will look at is that in life there will be unexpected grief in…