• Haman's pride ultimately led to his destruction. Book of Esther Series - #Devotion #BibleStudy #Esther

    The Dangers of Pride

    In the last post of the Book of Esther Series, we learned how important it was that Esther knew how to be patient. As we pick up the story, we learn about the dangers of pride. Haman is on his way to the palace. He is on top of the world but he has no idea what has happened during the night. The king couldn’t sleep and much like us, he reached for a book to read. He picked what was surely to be boring but he was wrong. While reading the book that had all of the past events of the kingdom recorded, he found something very interesting.

  • A 12 Part Devotion Series to learn about 12 of the names of Jesus. #NamesOfJesus #BibleStudy

    12 Names of Jesus Devotional Series

    This Devotional series will be a study of 12 Names of Jesus.There are many more than 12 but we have picked 12 of them to focus on. We hope that you enjoy this series! 12 Names of Jesus Introduction What could be more perfect than learning more about Jesus by learning more about the names that were given to Him? Each day we will share a different name that Jesus was given and a verse as well as commentary. The post will be a great way to have a discussion because we welcome conversation in the comments section. Why 12 Names? There are well over 50 names that represent Jesus listed…