7 Signs of Spiritual Attack

7 Signs of Spiritual Attack

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It is true that satan cannot be blamed for every bad thing that comes our way. It is also important to know that there are times when that is exactly where the blame should lay. Knowing the signs of spiritual attack is important to being able to recognize it and fight back.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


7 Signs of Spiritual Attack

There are many signs of spiritual attack and there is no way to compile every possibility into one article. I have chosen seven of them that I have found to be most prevalent in my life. In the comments below, share any other signs of spiritual attack that you have experienced.

As my friend from Worth Beyond Rubies points out, “The enemy is not always storming at us full force! Don’t always look for the big, overt attacks. Watch the smaller ones that build onto each other!” Most of satan’s attacks will be small and might seem insignificant. Each one is designed to work together to create the larger attack. If you can recognize the smaller attacks, you can stop it in its tracks!

1. You Lose your Desire for God’s Word

If we read our Bible or attend church on a regular basis and we suddenly have no desire to, this is something we should watch. Everyone will have moments they don’t want to read the Bible so that is normal. If it becomes an ongoing occurrence, we should look at this as a spiritual attack.

Learning God’s Word makes our relationship with God stronger. Satan desperately wants to put a wedge in that relationship. Our relationship with God gives us strength to fight against spiritual attack. So it makes sense that this would be one of the first ways satan would attack us.

2. You Avoid your Christian Relationships

God has designed us for relationship. We thrive when we are sharing our lives with other people. Developing strong relationships with Christians makes us stronger Christians. Having the accountability of these relationships keeps us from being deceived by temptations.

If we suddenly realize that we are avoiding being around our Christian friends, it might be an attempt to keep us from our accountability. When satan is able to move us away from our Christian relationships, there is a chance he can succeed in his attack.

3. Past Weaknesses Start to Resurface

We all have our weaknesses, for some it might be alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, cursing or lying. The list could go on but as we became closer to God, He helped us walk away from them. Because of God’s provision, we have become strong in our fight against them.

If we suddenly start finding ourselves being confronted with things of the past, it is a spiritual attack. Satan will always attack in the last place he was successful. He is well aware of our past weaknesses and will use them to tempt us to walk away from God.

4. Your Emotions Begin to Rule You

The enemy wants us focused on our emotions because when we are in an overly emotional state, we can’t focus on God. When we feel like our problems are encircling us, it makes us feel anxious, overwhelmed and out of control.

When we are in this state of mind, we make mistakes as we try to make things better. During these times, satan can put an opportunity in your path that “will fix it”. Satan is trying to put our eyes on the opportunity instead of God. These attempts to repair what we perceive as broken could lead us further from God.

5. Constant Negative Thoughts or Fears

One of satan’s most successful attacks are spiritual attacks of the mind. When satan bombards our mind with negative thoughts and fears, he is able to make us doubt God. It is possible for satan to use these thoughts to make us turn away from God completely.

As we notice our thoughts becoming more negative or fear based, it is important to recognize this as a spiritual attack.

6. Prayer Time is Attacked

Our prayer life is the way that we grow our relationship with God. It is how we ask God for provision to face our circumstances. We grow stronger in our faith through our prayer life.

When we start to notice our prayer time being interrupted by outside distractions, it is time to take notice! The doorbell may ring, the kids start fighting, your mind starts thinking about dinner or any number of outside influences can attack your prayer time.

Why does satan want to attack our prayer time? Satan knows if we can’t pray that we are susceptible to temptation. If we don’t pray we are more open to start acting in the flesh.

7. Everything Starts Going Wrong

You are trying to get the family to church this morning but everything is going wrong. The hair dryer quit working, the kids are fighting, the zipper broke on your husbands pants, the dog threw up on the new carpet and now the car won’t start.

When life becomes a comedy of errors that seemingly piles on top of each other, this is a spiritual attack. Just as you get a huge medical bill, the washing machine stops working, we have all been there! These attacks are designed to make you doubt God’s presence. The enemy uses these times to make you feel like God has abandoned you.

Being able to recognize a spiritual attack is the first step in fighting against the enemy. What other ways have you experienced a spiritual attack?

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What are the signs that you may be under spiritual attack? Here are 7 signs that you may be under a spiritual attack.
7 Signs of Spiritual Attack
Are you in a Spiritual Battle? Is satan attacking you? Here are 7 ways to know if you are under spiritual attack.


  • Diane@worthbeyondrubies

    Great post!!! I can certainly relate to many of these right now as the enemy tries to use issues with my new house to cause me distress!! I needed this today!! Sometimes when we write about spiritual warfare we actually can take our eyes off ourselves and I think that’s what I’ve done this week. So I greatly appreciate you not only quoting from my post but for this wonderful reminder for me to get back on track.

  • April

    You have definitely shared something that we all need to be reminded of and need to be watching out for. These are some of the classics that is for sure. I know that the past weaknesses most definitely seem to be a common one for sure. For me another area is when the enemy starts to fill my mind with a past failure. As a mom the enemy held over my head for a long time that I had failed my kids because of my divorce and it took a lot of healing. Whenever a situation happens and a thought comes to mind that deals with my kids and my failing them….its my signal that the enemy is involved. Great post and greatly needed to spread to others.


    Wow Jennifer, this post is so timely! The enemy does attack in all these ways you described. Recently its been prayer time getting all cluttered in my soul and also past weaknesses resurfacing. I’m fighting off the emotions taking over with Jesus’ strength, because if I cave there, I become a huge mess. TY for this awesome post! ❤

  • Dawn Ward

    This is such a great blog on how to recognize a spiritual attack. I have been wondering if I have been experiencing grief or depression or something physical. Now I can really see I have been under attack. This will surely help me better pray and stay alert. Thank you.

    • Jen Cannon

      What we usually look at as “being in a funk” is usually an attack. That is why it is important to recognize the signs and look at things in a more supernatural way. I am glad my post has helped you!

  • Esther Hosea

    These are some great signs of spiritual attack, and I totally agree that it’s so important for us to be aware of them, and vigilant against them!
    To answer your question, I think another big area of attack for me, is for the enemy to convince me to question/forget my identity. It sort of falls into # 3 – Past weaknesses start to resurface, but at least in my life, I think it goes a little deeper than that. Because more than getting caught up in my weaknesses, I tend to begin to question my worth, or my love-ability, doubting that even God could love/value me. It has only been in the last several years that the truth of God’s Word in this area has finally penetrated my heart to the point that I actually believe it down in the depths of my being. Now, I can fight back with truth when those doubts start to nag at my mind, and it has changed everything for me!

    • Jen Cannon

      YES! My father abandoned us when I was 5 and it seems that the fear of abandonment or feeling like there is something wrong with me always seems to come up during these times! I totally understand exactly what you are saying.

  • Patsy Burnette

    This is a great post. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post like this written about signs of spiritual attack. Ephesians 6:12 has always given me chills when I read it. I think a lot of what is really spiritual attacks we tend to write off as other things not realizing how powerful Satan really is. Thanks for linking up with us at InstaEncouragements!

    • Alayna

      I love this! Lately have been having doubts pop into my head for no reason at all. I know what I believe, I know I want to be faithful to God. Please send up prayers that this spiritual attack doesn’t last for long.

  • Jennie from Four to Love

    These signs of spiritual attack are spot on! I’d also add not only does your prayer time get attacked or interrupted, but you don’t even make it to prayer time to begin with. God can respond in such clever ways to our doubt or desolation, though. Once when I was at a faith-related training conference, I was having a terrible time with doubt. I prayed that I’d open the Bible to a passage that would bring clarity to me and got Psalm 14:1, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.'”

  • Christiana Agazere

    Am currently facing serious battles and my husband find it difficult to go church. Please we need your prayers. We are having financial challenges children been sack from school and our landlord threatening to sack us. Please I need your prayer

    • Joanne

      I feel for you Jesus loves you. Make sure you call out to Jesus Christ to save you through this ask The Father to send His angels to fight for you and to keep you and your family safe from the evil one

  • Summer

    You’re right! These spiritual attacks are so subtle! But, bit by bit, they can defeat us. Every single one of these has happened to me and in hindsight I find myself say, “duh!”.

  • LeeAnn

    We are continually under spiritual attack by the enemy. Often times, something just seems out of place and we don’t think much of it. But it is actually the enemy trying to get our focus off God. This is a great reminder to always be vigilant!

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