If we have our focus on all of the things that are praiseworthy, God is given plenty of room to tend to those negative things that surround us. - #Devotions #Praiseworthy #Gratitude

Focus on the Praiseworthy

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The world can be a hard, cruel place and it is clearly evident when you listen to the news. It is easy to get bogged down with the negative that surrounds us on a daily basis. While the world demands that our attention falls on the catastrophic, God tells us to focus on the praiseworthy.

Don’t Divert your Eyes

It is easy to become distracted and to get so busy that our focus is no longer centered on God. This is just one of the reasons that taking time to study the Bible everyday is invaluable. Regular Bible Study and prayer builds your relationship with God and strengthens your ability to focus on God during struggles.

The verses in Philippians chapter 4 give us many examples of how to keep God in the center of our focus. Just in the 3 verses of Philippians 4:6-8, we are told not to be anxious but to take our cares to God. It also tells us what the benefits are if we do this. If we take our cares to God, then a peace that we cannot understand will, “will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Then, verse 8 tells us what to focus our attention on.

What is Praiseworthy?

What would you consider to be things that are praiseworthy? That is a question that I pondered while writing this post. I decided that it would be those things that are the most valuable to me. Things such as family, health and relationships are praiseworthy and probably mostly taken for granted.

Most often, the things that are praiseworthy are seemingly simple. They are the things that we are most prone to overlooking. A beautiful sunset that lights up the sky with tones of pinks and purples. The sound of the ocean as the tides roll in and a beautiful landscape as you look out over the mountaintops. All of these things are praiseworthy and made by God.

Isn’t that Tunnel Vision?

Focusing on the praiseworthy means making your primary attention fall onto positive things. But isn’t doing this just having tunnel vision? Is focusing on the noble, right, pure and admirable just lying to yourself? Absolutely not!

No one is saying that you shouldn’t acknowledge that the negative things exist. God is simply instructing us not to focus our attention and our energy on those things. This isn’t living with your head buried in the sand but rather living with you eyes on more positive things.

But why?

God knows that as we get bogged down with the turmoil that surrounds us and that the relationship we have with Him is eroded. God wants us to turn to Him to soothe our afflictions and calm our worries. If we have our focus on all of the things that are praiseworthy, God is given plenty of room to tend to those negative things that surround us. God is left with the ability to guide us by His intentions for our lives.


Heavenly Father, We come to you today humbly asking you to help us see the things that are praiseworthy. Open our minds to the most obscure things that you have put into our paths to see. Help us to see You in these obscurities. Help us to turn our eyes from the things that are impure and unholy. We Pray in Your Holy Name, Amen.

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if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. ~ Philippians 4:8
If we have our focus on all of the things that are praiseworthy, God is given plenty of room to tend to those negative things that surround us.


  • Alice Mills

    I think of this verse often. I find that when I keep my eyes on good things and fill my life with the things that invoke God’s presence, I am not overcome by the sad and bad. Concentrating on noble things affects my character and the atmosphere around me. It isn’t tunnel vision; it’s spiritual warfare!

  • Esther Hosea

    You are certainly on to something here! I remember going through some very dark days after discovering my husband’s infidelity. Obviously, I was very sad, but I remember some of the most beautiful skies I’ve ever seen during those months. Not just the sunsets either. All day, it seemed God was painting the sky with beauty just to give me something to smile about. Just to remind me who sat on the throne, and how He loved me! It was a precious time between me and my Lord!

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