• Chapter 3 of the Book of Ruth tells us about a redeemer. Much of this part of the story is symbolic of Jesus as our redeemer. #BookOfRuth #Devotion #bgbg2 #Redeemer

    There is a Redeemer

    In last week’s post in the Book of Ruth Devotion Series, we talked about Chapter 2 and how hard work is rewarded. As we move on to Chapter 3, we find that Naomi is getting Ruth ready to propose to Boaz. This is a risky thing because it could go wrong and destroy the provision that Boaz had given Ruth…

  • In the Ruth Chapter 2 we learn that Ruth's hard work is rewarded. She has met and has found favor with Boaz and is allowed to glean more than she would normally be allowed. #Ruth #BibleStudy #Devotional #bgbg2

    Hard Work is Rewarded

    In last week’s post in the Book of Ruth series we learned some lessons from Naomi about grief. We also say Ruth hold true to her commitment to her mother-in-law and go to Bethlehem with her. This week we will learn that hard work is rewarded.

  • Where is God when Life is Hard? Why does life have to have times of Struggle? #DailyDevotion #Faith #Psalm #bgbg2

    Where is God When Life is Hard?

    When I contemplate my faith in God, it is hard to ignore that sometimes life is hard. Not everything runs as smooth as I want it to or the issues keep piling on top of each other. But where is God when life is hard? Isn’t God supposed to be on my side? It is really easy to let doubts…

  • In the first chapter of the Book of Ruth we learn about Naomi's grief. How do you grieve for someone you love? Naomi teaches us about grief. #Grief #Greiving #BibleVerse #Devotions #BibleStudy

    What Naomi Teaches Us about Grief

    Over the next four weeks, we will be taking a look at some life lessons to be learned from the Book of Ruth. There are lessons in this book that we can apply to our lives that will bring us closer to God. The first lessons we will look at is that in life there will be unexpected grief in…

  • The Consequences of Haman's actions did not stop because Haman was dead. Now the Jews had to defend themselves. #Purim #Esther #Consequences #BibleStudy

    There are Always Consequences

    In the last edition of the Book of Esther Series, we learned about the dangers of being prideful. In this final edition, we will learn about how there are always consequences. As we pick up the story, Haman has been killed for his actions. Esther is then given the House of Haman and she set Mordecai over it. The king…

  • Finding God through your disappointments. #FindGod #LysaTerKeurst #Disappointment

    When Disappointment Strikes

    Throughout each struggle that has come my way, I have had to learn how to handle disappointment. I am positive that there isn’t one person reading this today that hasn’t had to learn the lessons of disappointment. When Disappointment Strikes Through two divorces, mental health struggles and now my battle with chronic illness, I have had my share of disappointment.…

  • Using a Devotion Series makes it easy to study the Bible because it breaks it down into easy parts. Check out the Devotion Serieses at Redemptions Touch - #DevotionSeries #Devotional #bibleStudy

    Using a Devotion Series to Study the Bible

    Sometimes studying the Bible can almost seem like an insurmountable task. it is easy to look at this big book and get overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. It is much easier if you break it down into manageable portions. That is what our Devotion Series are all about! Learning about God Doesn’t Have to be Hard! Taking time…

  • Haman's pride ultimately led to his destruction. Book of Esther Series - #Devotion #BibleStudy #Esther

    The Dangers of Pride

    In the last post of the Book of Esther Series, we learned how important it was that Esther knew how to be patient. As we pick up the story, we learn about the dangers of pride. Haman is on his way to the palace. He is on top of the world but he has no idea what has happened during…

  • What Kind of Love has God Given Us? Clearly, God has given us undying, unhindered love! #Love #ValentinesDay #GodsLove #ChildrenOfGod

    What Kind of Love has God Given Us?

    What kind of love has God given to us? God has given us many signs of His amazing love for us but it is still hard to comprehend. His love is so grand and so vast that we just can’t wrap our simple minds around the greatness that is God’s Love. What Kind of Love has God Given? The Bible…

  • Esther knew how to be patient and wait for things to be in the proper place. #Esther #BibleStudy #devotional #Patience

    Be Patient

    In the second part of the Book of Esther series we learned that it is important to be courageous. Esther put her plan into action in spite of the fact that it could lead to her death. – After the 3 days of fasting were over, Queen Esther put on her royal robes and stood in the inner court of…