Where is God when Life is Hard? Why does life have to have times of Struggle? #DailyDevotion #Faith #Psalm #bgbg2

Where is God When Life is Hard?

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When I contemplate my faith in God, it is hard to ignore that sometimes life is hard. Not everything runs as smooth as I want it to or the issues keep piling on top of each other. But where is God when life is hard? Isn’t God supposed to be on my side? It is really easy to let doubts enter into my mind on the worst of days.

Am I the Reason Life is Hard?

God gave us the ability to choose our path. Sure, He could force us to follow Him but that isn’t what God desires. God’s desire is for us to want to have a relationship with Him and in order to do that, we must choose it.

As I look back, I would say that 99.999% of all of my struggles happened because I took the steering wheel out of God’s hands. I stopped seeking Him and allowed the beauty along the path distract me from His intentions.

There is a Purpose

When we choose to veer away from God’s path for our lives, there are consequences because of that decision. Sometimes the results may be minimal but other times they can be life altering. What I am saying is that the vast majority of the time, I am the reason that my life is hard.

I don’t think that God intends on our lives going along in perfect harmony. But that doesn’t mean that He has a desire to see us struggle either. As we make our choices, God has to find ways to use them for His good and for His glory. God uses our struggles to bring us our greatest triumphs. He uses our weakest moments to make our relationship with Him stronger than before.

Knowing Who to Call

We are all going to make a poor decision in life and there is no way to avoid that because we are not perfect. What we need to know is who to call when we realize that we made a wrong turn. God is the only one to call that can provide help in every situation that we find ourselves in.

When I said, “My foot is slipping,”
    your unfailing love, Lord, supported me.

PSALM 94:18

Notice that this verse doesn’t say that God forcefully turned me around. No! God braced me and supported me because His love for me is unfailing and never ending.

Easing My Mind and Heart

God doesn’t just want to brace you up and support you. Oh no, He doesn’t stop with that simple task. God wants to quiet our troubled mind and ease our heart when we find ourselves in desperate situations. God wants to renew us even though we have failed him.

Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil, quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer.

PSALM 94:19

There is nothing that we have done to earn this and nothing we can do to deserve it. God loves us right where we are and he wants to lift us up to even higher places.

So, where is God when life is hard? He is right there beside you, being the steady hand to reach out and hold. He is right there easing your mind of worry and He is right there keeping your foot from slipping.

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Finding God's Purpose in the Struggles
Where is God when Life is Hard? Why does life have to have times of Struggle?
Where is God when Life is Hard?


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