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When Disappointment Strikes

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Throughout each struggle that has come my way, I have had to learn how to handle disappointment. I am positive that there isn’t one person reading this today that hasn’t had to learn the lessons of disappointment.

When Disappointment Strikes

Through two divorces, mental health struggles and now my battle with chronic illness, I have had my share of disappointment. Things just don’t always go the way we envisioned them to.

As you sit in the shock of a life that has taken a drastic turn, you wonder where God is. You know, that God that wasn’t supposed to ever leave…where is He? If He were here with me “this” wouldn’t be happening right now! These are thoughts of satan designed to make us doubt a God that loves us enough to send His Son to die for us!

Questioning God is normal because in our flawed human minds, we can not comprehend the kind of love that God provides. It is hard to understand the reasons why God is allowing us to go through a time of disappointment.

The Bigger Picture of Disappointment

Have you ever gone through a really difficult season and when you come to the other side of it, you were thankful for it? I have! My struggles with anxiety and depression has made me a stronger person. These struggles have made me who I am today. I have true compassion for people that I probably wouldn’t have if I had not been through those really hard times.

God knows the bigger picture behind our disappointments. He knows where we are heading because that picture is His creation! It is really easy to forget that God knows the outcome of our trials and he knows their purpose.

In my last Christian Book post, is promised a review of It’s Not Supposed to Be this Way by Lysa Terkeurst and I just finished! This book is thought provoking and a great resource for those times of disappointment.

I listened to the audiobook and I am glad that it is in my library because I can see myself using this as my own personal pep talk! I loved this book so much that I also bought a hard copy so I could highlight and make notes!

Book Review:

It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way by Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa wrote this book during a time of real disappointment in her life. She is very clear in the Prelude that she did not know how the book would end because she was writing in real time, as her struggles were going on. I like this approach because it seemed so real! There were times where I felt like she was talking directly to me because you could sense the struggle in her words.

Through the disappointment of marital struggles and medical issues, Lysa talks about how she allowed God to work in her life. She had her entire life mapped out and things turned completely upside down and then the blows just kept coming.

Lysa talks about how we have this idea that if God loves us that nothing seriously bad will happen. But life is often full of hardships, trials, struggles and disappointment. God uses these times to lead us back to the path He has for us.

A complete mixture of God’s word and Lysa’s struggles, this book brings to life how God helps us through our struggles. This book shows how we grow in our relationship with God because of the journeys we go on. She talks about how our growth can be tremendous if we seek our God in the midst of our pain.

I highly recommend It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way by Lysa TerKeurst. I know that it is a book that I will go to again and again.

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Quote from It's Not Supposed to be This Way by Lysa TerKeurst -
Book Review of It's Not Supposed to be This Way by Lysa TerKeurst - This is a great book about finding God through your disappointment.
Finding God when Disappointment Strikes.

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