A Christmas Gift Idea guide full of gifts for Christians. Includes Bibles, Inspirational Books, Devotionals, Comic Books and more! #Christmas #JesusIsTheReason

Christmas Gift Ideas for Christians

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Welcome to our very first Christmas Gift Ideas Guide! We wanted to give you some Christmas Gift ideas for anyone on your list. Since Halloween is now over and November has begun, it is time to start Christmas Shopping!

Finding that special gift for each person can be hard to do. So here are some great ideas to get you started!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Study Bibles

Study Bibles can include many different things to enhance your Bible Studies. There can be commentaries, dictionaries and cross references. Here are some of the more popular study bibles to choose from:

Bible Commentaries

A Bible Commentary is a written explanation of the scriptures. You do have to use caution when purchasing these since they do include a bit of opinion in them. But they are a great addition to your Bible Study since they can get you to thinking about what the verses say.


Devotional Books are a great way to study the Bible. They often provide a personal perspective that explains how God is working and scripture references to the Bible. There is a Devotional out there for just about every person including, men, women, soldier, children and all of those in between. Here are some to the more popular Devotionals right now.

Christian Life Books

Books about living a Christian Life are endless. From Autobiographies, personal development, spiritual growth and much more. I have chosen some of the current best sellers but your options are pretty limitless in the category.

Bible Comic Books

This is a genre of Bibles that one of my daughters loved when she was a teenager. Honestly, we couldn’t get it out of her hand. She was telling us all about the stories of the Bible. So, if you have a person in you life that loves comic books, these would be a perfect gift!

Bible Journals

Bible Journaling is a very popular thing right now. The amount of options in this category are pretty impressive. You will want to buy your recipient some good colored crayons to go with this gift! This will be a much appreciated gift!

Prayer Journals

One of the best ways to keep track of how much God is working in your life is to have a prayer journal. There are a ton of different formats to meet every personality and interest. I picked a few that I liked for men and for women in this genre.

Christian Apparel

Personally, I love Christian T-shirts and I always have! I think it is a great way to spread God’s word.

Other Christian Christmas Gift Ideas

There are many Christmas Gifts out there for your Christian friends. From ties, jewelry, home decor and more there is an endless supply of ideas. I chose a few that I like and a few even went on my Christmas gist wish list!

This list should get you started for your Christmas Gift Ideas list. I am sure that you found some items that would fit at least a few people on you list. We hope you enjoy buying presents as we celebrate the best present ever give, Jesus!

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A Christmas Gift Idea guide full of gifts for Christians. Includes Bibles, Inspirational Books, Devotionals, Comic Books and more!

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