Christian Fiction makes a great Christmas Gift. These books won Christy Awards in 2018 and are the top in their Category! #Books #ChristianFiction #Christmas

Christian Fiction Christmas Gift Guide

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Christian Fiction is one of the top growing book genres right now. The categories include action, adventure, romance, historical fiction, suspense and more. There is definitely something for everyone in Christian Fiction.

The Christian Fiction books I have listed below all won Christy Awards in 2018 in their Category!  The Christy Award™ was established in 1999 to acknowledge the value and impact of the novel of faith in contemporary culture. So these novels are considered the best of the year and would make great gifts!

2018  Christian Fiction Book of the Year

219368: True to You, Bradford Sisters Romance Series #1 True to You, Bradford Sisters Romance Series #1
By Becky WadeNora is a genealogist whose last relationship ended in heartbreak so she has buried herself in fiction books. John is a former Navy SEAL who focuses on the here and now. When he found out he inherited condition, he needs to research his family ancestry. John asks Nora to help him find his birth mother. The two could not be more opposite, yet they find themselves attracted to each other.

First Novel

728785: Missing Isaac Missing Isaac
By Valerie Fraser LuesseA novel set in Alabama during the race related issues of the 1960’s about three different Southern families whose relationships are put to the test. Isaac Reynolds is a field hand who works at the family cotton farm. Pete’s family owns the farm. Isaac did all he could do to save Pete’s father from a farming accident. When Isaac goes missing, Pete will stop at nothing to find him. 

General Fiction

429024: Life After, A Novel Life After, A Novel
By Katie GanshertIn a world where bombings are more prevalent than ever, Kate Ganshert writes a novel about a woman who boards a passenger train and seconds later a bomb explodes. One year goes by and she still can’t recall that horrific day. She feels grief and guilt because she is the only survivor. Unable to put it to rest, she contacts the families of the victims. Paul Elliot lost his wife and the mother of his children. His daughter Reece reaches out to Autumn for that one last link to her mother. Paul wants to keep the information from Reece so she can heal. Will Autumn finally remember what happened that day?


290259: Isaiah"s Daughter Isaiah’s Daughter
By Mesu AndrewsOrphan Ishma is desolate until the prophet Isaiah becomes her adoptive father and King Hezekiah makes her his queen. But when the Assyrians besiege Jerusalem, Hezekiah is stricken by a fatal illness and she remains childless. Will Yahweh deliver their nation, heal her husband, and give her the son her heart desires? 


230288: The House on Foster Hill The House on Foster Hill
By Jaime Jo WrightWhen Kaine Prescott's husband died, her pleas for an investigation fell on deaf ears. In need of a fresh start, she purchases an old house sight unseen in Wisconsin. A century earlier, Ivy Thorpe questioned a suspicious death on that same property. When the house's dark secrets resurface, Kaine must face a terrifying realization!

Historical Romance

726634: The Lacemaker The Lacemaker
By Laura FrantzSet in 1775 Williamsburg, Virginia, Lady Liberty Lawson is a twenty-three-year-old lace maker and daughter of the British lieutenant governor of the Virginia Colony. Her life is in order. She is a part of the finer society and anticipating a marriage of financial stability and not love.  When her fiancé leaves her suspecting she is a British spy, she struggles to choose between her father’s British political beliefs and the colony's independence.

Young Adult

422378: The Delusion The Delusion
By Laura GallierEven though the suicide rate at Owens school has increased, he has remained level-headed, until a near death experience brings on hallucinations. Now he sees Creepers who are preying on his girlfriend and classmates. They are oblivious to these evil forces and he feels it is his duty to warn everyone and save the people he loves, whether they believe him or not.

Christian Fiction makes a great Christmas Gift. These books won Christy Awards in 2018 and are the top in their Category! #Books #ChristianFiction #ChristmasThe options are pretty endless when it comes to Christian Fiction. To find other titles that may interest the person on your gift list you can visit at their Christian Fiction page to find listings for all categories and Best Sellers!

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    I am excited to see a list of Christian fiction to look out for. I discovered Christian fiction this year and I have enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I am definitely bookmarking this post. Thanks for sharing

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