Book of Esther Series

Learn more about the story of Esther and how to apply her story to your life in this 5 part series.

  • The Consequences of Haman's actions did not stop because Haman was dead. Now the Jews had to defend themselves. #Purim #Esther #Consequences #BibleStudy

    There are Always Consequences

    In the last edition of the Book of Esther Series, we learned about the dangers of being prideful. In this final edition, we will learn about how there are always consequences. As we pick up the story, Haman has been killed for his actions. Esther is then given the House of Haman and she set Mordecai over it. The king…

  • Haman's pride ultimately led to his destruction. Book of Esther Series - #Devotion #BibleStudy #Esther

    The Dangers of Pride

    In the last post of the Book of Esther Series, we learned how important it was that Esther knew how to be patient. As we pick up the story, we learn about the dangers of pride. Haman is on his way to the palace. He is on top of the world but he has no idea what has happened during…

  • Esther knew how to be patient and wait for things to be in the proper place. #Esther #BibleStudy #devotional #Patience

    Be Patient

    In the second part of the Book of Esther series we learned that it is important to be courageous. Esther put her plan into action in spite of the fact that it could lead to her death. – After the 3 days of fasting were over, Queen Esther put on her royal robes and stood in the inner court of…

  • God provides us with the ability for being courageous, like He did for Esther. - #Devotion #Courage #Esther

    Being Courageous!

    In Part 1 of the series with discovered that God has a plan for us. Each circumstance that we go through is preparing us for this plan. As we continue the Book of Esther Series, we will look at how being courageous can help you to reach what may seem to be unattainable. Esther was willing to pay the ultimate…

  • Never forget that God had a plan for Esther and God has a plan for you too! #BibleStudy #Esther

    God Has a Plan

    Today, we start on a 5 part series about the book of Esther. There will be a new post in this series every Thursday throughout the month of January. There are many lessons to be learned through Esther’s journey and we will focus on 5 of them. Today’s lesson is that God has a plan even if we can’t see…