Book Review: Victory over Affliction by Wendy Wallace

Book Review: Victory Over Affliction by Wendy Wallace

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I am so excited to review this book because the author, Wendy, is someone that I admire greatly. I do need to say that I was given an advanced copy of the book but all of the opinions in this review are my own. Victory Over Affliction is Wendy’s story summed up in three words. I think you will find tremendous hope within the pages.

About the Author

Picture of Wendy Wallace, Author of Victory Over Affliction
Wendy Wallace

Wendy juggles being a wife, mother, blogger, mentor and inspirational leader with ease. Her passion for encouraging others is one of the first things you will notice about her.

Victory Over Affliction

After reading a little about Wendy, you may be wondering what is so special about her. Well, she does all of those things as a quadruple amputee! She is the epitome of Victory Over Affliction!

From waking up from a coma, to tubing down a river with her daughter, Wendy expresses the heartache and exhilaration of having no choice but to find new ways to do things.

In the book, Wendy shares her journey in a 30 day Challenge format. Each day will inspire you to reach for more in your life. Through her story of illness, pain and victory comes an amazing amount of motivation and encouragement.

Honestly, I needed this book and I needed this challenge! From Day 1, I found myself searching for God in my struggles. Rather than sitting back and feeling defeated, I found myself reaching to touch Jesus’ garment because her words inspired me to do so.

Through each day, there are words of affirmation, encouragement and a call for you to reach to God for strength, guidance and comfort.

When we think about taking responsibility for changing our situation, that doesn’t mean I can change my physical appearance. It does mean I can change my mindset about what I can do with my situation.” 
Picture of Wendy Wallace, Author of Victory Over Affliction
~Wendy Wallace

The Challenges

As you read the book each day, you will find thought provoking questions that will challenge your mindset. These questions will change the way you may perceive a situation or how you approach a challenge.

Victory Over Affliction: 30 Days of Mindset Challenges to Motivate You by Wendy Wallace is available for preorder until July 1. There is not enough words to say how highly I recommend this book. You will find this book inspirational as well as motivational.

Other Places to Find Wendy

I came to know Wendy through her blog, One Exceptional Life. Through her blog, she shares her struggles, her joys and her triumphs.

You can also find her on social media:


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For me, the disabilities that I face remind me that, through prayer, I can seek God's grace and mercy. - Wendy Wallace
Book Review: Victory Over Affliction - 30 days of mindset challenges to motivate you - by Wendy Wallace
Book Review: Victory over Affliction - 30 days of mindset challenges to motivate you - by Wendy Wallace


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